Friday, March 28, 2014

11/52 + 31 weeks

1 - LM has been on a My Little Pony drawing binge this week. Our house is littered with pages of her work as she has spent hours at the coffee table completely in the coloring zone. I don't mind this phase one bit, I love seeing her creativity. Her rendition of the Queen of the Changelings was especially impressive.

2 - An afternoon snack of orange smiles. This picture reminds me just how badly I need to take Lark in for her first haircut. More often than not she won't let me put her hair up which looks so cute, and when it's down it's just...well, not so cute, ha ha. The mullet needs to go.

3 - The girls spent an afternoon outside playing and collecting what flowers they could find that have bloomed so far this Spring. Each time they found one they would bring it in and place it on my belly.

Have a great weekend!

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