Friday, April 4, 2014

12/52 + 32 weeks

1 - LM chillaxing in her new suit and shades. The girls have been taking swim lessons for the first time the last couple of weeks and they are doing so well! Before they started both of them wouldn't go under the water without a lot of coaxing and now they are jumping off the diving board. It's so fun to watch your kids grow and gain confidence - such a rewarding part of being a parent!

2 - Lark feel asleep on the couch, so of course I took about a million pictures of her sweet, sleeping face. As one does.

3 - I think I'm starting to realize I actually have to give birth soon. Anyone else feel like they spend most of their pregnancy in denial? Ha ha. I really need to buckle down and practice my meditation and breathing because this baby is going to come out whether I am prepared or not, and I really want to feel like I am on my mental A-game for another natural birth.

And here's one more picture for you, just for fun :)

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  1. I totally spend my pregnancies in denial. Even the night I went into labor this time, I was sure I could just take a bath and make the contractions go away. Haha. I also had my doctor go over my birth plan at my 39-week appointment, so I'd say you're doing a good job if you're even thinking about labor at this point!