Monday, April 21, 2014

14/52 + 34 weeks

Catching up for last week...

1 - If it were up to LM all of our Easter eggs would have been dyed purple. She is purple obsessed these days.

2 - Lark has started to test her ability to climb the apple trees in our backyard. She gets a little higher each time. I have no doubt she will climb up far enough to make me nervous by the end of the summer.

3 - I mentioned in my last post that I hung up all of the clothes I have collected for baby boy so far. Well, now they are the only thing in the nursery because this last week I sold our crib and changing table on a whim. Call me crazy to sell such an important piece of baby furniture while 34 weeks pregnant, but I just sort of wanted to see if it would sell? And it did! That same day. So I was left a little bit in shock as I looked into our empty nursery. But the extra cash allowed me to choose a new crib that I like a whole lot better, so phew, maybe I'm not so crazy after all? Now everyone in Utah stop searching for low mid century dressers on KSL so I can snag one up, okay? Please and thank you.

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