Monday, March 18, 2013

larkie lou turned two

Last Monday we celebrated Lark's second birthday. It was a simple low-key affair since we threw it all together after preschool that afternoon, and it was just perfect that way. I unearthed the bunting I made for LM's first birthday and put that up around the house for decor. I remember how long it took me to cut out all those shapes and sew it together so I am glad it got more mileage. Then LM helped me wrap the presents. I didn't have any birthday-appropriate wrapping paper so I just pulled out brown kraft paper. LM, however, insisted birthday presents needed to be bright and colorful, so we decided to merge craft time with party prep by wrapping yarn around the packages and gluing on some triangles for a fun festive bunting.

Lark was occupied this whole time by the giant pink balloon she chose at the party store we stopped by on our way home, and the golden birthday crown I quickly made in hopes it would make her feel special on her big day.

When daddy got home from work we ate dinner - noodles and broccoli per Lark's request - and then it was time to make dessert! As is tradition daddy makes the birthday cake, or cookie dough in this case, so the girls helped him mix up the ingredients and place the dough in some baking cups. We added a scoop of ice cream on top and each had our own little individual pizookie. It was so easy and good I think I will see if we can make it a special birthday tradition for Lark. We'll see what she says next year ;)

Then Lark opened her presents from us and some from family who had been so thoughtful to mail them in time. She loved it all - thank you family!!

Happy Birthday sweet baby girl! You are so loved.

See how bald she was at her 1st birthday party! :)


  1. these pictures are so beautiful and what a lovely little family you are. poor girl's little scar on her forehead makes me so sad! looks like she had a perfect birthday. give her a squeeze for me.

  2. Where did you get that beautiful green knitted hat/beanie from? It's lovely! I love all the colours in your buntings and will definitely use that wrapping idea next birthday! So clever!

    1. Hi! My SIL got it for me from an etsy shop I can't remember... Try searching for knit bow beret maybe? Sorry I am not more helpful!

  3. those baby sandals!? oh my goodness. it was wonderful to meet you tonight, stacy! you and your family are simply darling. and the house is smashingly beautiful. i am obsessed with the round white table!!! hope to keep in touch!

  4. such a sweet baby girl. i love her hair and her little cheeks...she reminds me so much of zoey! it looks like she had a lovely birthday. :)