Wednesday, December 28, 2011

little vintage style v.36

Welcome to the last Little Vintage Style link up! In case you missed my previous post, I have decided it is time to end the link up portion of LVS along with the closing of the year. I will still be doing LVS posts with both my family and guest posters, however, I will no longer hold myself to doing them every single week, and will not be asking you to link up (although I would be so happy if you left me a link in the comments, as I love seeing your sweet kiddos!). Thank you to everyone who participated this past year, really sincerely thank you! It's been so fun.


We took LM to sit on Santa's lap for the first time this year, and of course it was Lark's first time too. Since LM is old enough now to really grasp onto the idea of Santa she was excited and had prepared an answer to the inevitable question, 'What do you want for Christmas?' Her answer, 'A toy spaceship!' We asked her what she would say right after the Killers 'Spaceship Adventure' song played in the car, so there you go. I will admit to completely forgetting about her request until very late Christmas Eve, but thankfully she didn't seem to notice Santa's failed delivery.

Santa had stopped off at Cabela's, an outdoors-man's warehouse, and was giving free pictures so we dressed the girl's up in their Christmas best and headed over to see him. There was a pretty Christmas tree right next to him, so I smiled when the background of the picture turned out to be the stuffed deer on display instead. Let's just pretend it's Blitzen, shall we? Above is the picture they gave us, and below is one I took with my phone.

LM was a little apprehensive when our turn finally came, but she warmed up pretty fast and in the end we had to go get her off his lap. Lark looked at him inquisitively, and then proceeded to suck her thumb. She seems to have skipped the whole stranger anxiety phase, so no tears for either of them this year. The girls both wore festive vintage dresses I pulled out of my stash.

They wore their dresses to church on Christmas day as well, and I also pulled out my most recent vintage purchase. You can see how dance class has influenced LM's posing for pictures, ha!

LM wore: dress, vintage/tights, Old Navy/black shoes, thrifted and white shoes, Old Navy/sweater, Target/clip, handmade.
Lark wore: dress, vintage/tights, hand-me-downs/shoes, vintage - gift from SIL/headband, Lou and Lee/sweater, vintage.

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  1. love the rose tights and the dresses are to die for!! i just realized, in my link, not one thing tova is wearing for xmas day was vintage! lol! xmas eve was!

  2. Your family's so cute! I love LM's tights, and I adore your whole outfit- the quirky colors are just perfect!

    I'll miss LVS, but I perfectly understand and respect your decision for stopping!

  3. They look beautiful!!!! So do you, Mama! Happy Holidays!

  4. I love that sweet santa pic! And those tights are beautiful!
    Thanks so much for hosting LVS Stacey. I have loved being a part of it and look forward to seeing your LVS posts in the coming year.

    Happy Holidays to you and your sweet family.

  5. Love the Santa pictures! And your family picture is so great - LM's pose is too much!! And love love your whole outfit!
    Thanks for hosting LVS - it's been so much fun!

  6. LOVE LM's pose!!

    beautiful family photos!!

  7. love your family pics and the girls wee patent shoes, thanks so much for hosting LVS this year, I'll miss following everyone's links