Tuesday, November 29, 2011

black friday

The majority of my Black Friday shopping was spent at a favorite local consignment shop trying on vintage dresses, and throwing open old pretty quilts to gush over all of the amazing prints. I avoided the crowds at major chain stores, but I also didn't make much of a dent in my Christmas shopping list (although I would have if the awesome wooden dollhouse they had didn't need quite so much TLC - the girls would have loved it). I am sure I missed out on some good deals for things we don't really need, but this year I am finding myself not so concerned about buying presents for us or the girls.

Yes, we will unwrap our traditional pajamas and a board game to play on Christmas Eve, but being comfortable and warm and laughing with my family is what I want to focus on. We will still have stockings and open presents on Christmas morning, but sitting down together for a delicious Husband-made breakfast of ebleskievers, and snuggling on the couch for a movie night is what I look forward to more.

I am sure the right, thoughtfully purchased presents for everyone will be found in time, but definitely in smaller amounts this year. In the meantime I did leave the shop that day with this little green velvet number for myself, so it wasn't a total loss... ;) Have you made a dent in your Christmas shopping? Did you brave the crowds last weekend, or hit up local shops and thrifts instead?


  1. i love that dress and your phone cover. i need one for mine i think. so far i haven't dropped it but i know it's just a matter of time.

    i think that's a good christmas philosophy. Christ and family is what it is really about anyway. the other things are just fun extras. and i love that shawn makes ebelskivers. we got a pan last christmas and will be using it for our first christmas tradition.

  2. We never do traditional black friday shopping. The past two years the only shopping we accomplish at all that weekend is at the thrift store near my Grandmother's house. All clothing was 99 cents this year and I managed to find a few really great deals that way! I also like your philosophy on Christmas and plan on keeping it as relaxed as possible! :-)

  3. oh those quilts!! i so love quilts! and love that little dress - a christmas dress perhaps? :) and loving your phone cover...
    i never venture out on black friday - can't stand those crowds!