Wednesday, November 30, 2011

little vintage style v.33

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We had such a nice Thanksgiving weekend with my in-laws this year. There was plenty of yummy food, Husband and I took turns sleeping in, and we basically didn't see LM for three days since she spent every waking moment playing with her cousins - she was in complete heaven. Not having to check in on her as often made me realize how grown up she is, how did that happen?! And, consequently, it was nice to have a bit of sweet freedom! (from constantly watching one child at least).

On Thanksgiving day we wore stretchy clothes (I opted for an elastic waistband skirt), these pictures were taken after church. We certainly don't wear vintage everyday, but Sundays seem to bring it out more often than not since I love pretty little girl frocks. Coordinating outfits unintentional.

LM's dress is deadstock from the 40's and the print is so unique. It reminds me of old video games, although I am sure it was meant to mimic cross-stitch. I think the whale guy is my favorite.

And, in case you haven't noticed someone has decided to be a ham in front of the camera at all times now :))

LM wore: dress, 40's vintage//headband tights shoes, Old Navy
Lark wore: thrifted dress and hand-me-downs (thanks Val!)
Mama wore: wrap, Anthropologie//skirt, vintage//shoes and necklace, Target

How was your Thanksgiving weekend? Do you dress up fancy, or throw on a pair of yoga pants?

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  1. You guys are all so cute in your "matching" outfits, even though it wasn't intentional! I just love the color combo of LM's whole outfit- I'd wear it in a second!

    I'd be happy to guest post again (if you're looking for repeats). I'm always looking for ways to grow my readership!

  2. you all look great, love love love LM's dress and I want purplr tights like hers too

  3. eep - LM's dress!! it is soo amazing! you all look so cute! i love what you're wearing!

  4. Everyone looks so cute! I love LMs dress! What a great find!

  5. Love all the gals!! You look so pretty. I love love LM's dress...that print is darling. And it looks so cute with her tights. I love her expression in the last photo-too cute!

  6. That last photo of your daughter is soooo darn cute! I love her expression. Everyone looks gorgeous but the green and yellow 1940s dress has me swooning. Oh and I almost only wear vintage to church. It's the only chance I have to dress up anymore!

  7. I love that playful shot! You look like such a fun sweet little family.
    And I adore LM's dress. the elephant is my favourite.

  8. where in the world do you come across all of the older dresses in such great shape! rarely do i find things older than the 70s that are so nice! love the pics!!