Tuesday, December 27, 2011

our christmas...


We had such a great Christmas season this year. Since we celebrated early with Husband's family when we traveled for the funeral a couple of weeks ago, this year was the first time we haven't had to pack up and leave after Christmas morning. That meant on Monday the girls got to play with their new toys (okay, let's be real - LM played with them and Lark chewed on them), papa got to play his video games, and mama got to organize all the closets. I am on a purging kick right now - if you haven't been used in the last year you better watch out!

On Christmas Eve we added the star to the top of our jewelry advent calendar, I wrapped up the last of the gifts - including a set of vintage puzzles I thrifted, the girls got new pajamas, and we watched Whinnie the Pooh (or at least some of us did, ahem Husband).

Then it was time for Christmas stories, and lights out so Santa could come!

Santa delivered and on Christmas morning there was a dollhouse waiting by the tree for the girls. LM ran right up to it and immediately started playing with the dolls. It was such a hit that we forgot all about the stockings until after the presents were opened and we were cleaning up wrapping paper bits!

For me, this was a great Christmas for my feet, and Husband got some new kitchen gadgets. We were all spoiled just the right amount - mostly with things we actually needed, but with a few wants thrown in for good measure. Case in point, those tiny pink metallic oxfords? Definitely a want, I couldn't resist. ;)

After presents, we had our traditional breakfast of ebleskievers. Then we gussied up for church where Husband sang in the choir, and we were reminded of the true meaning of Christmas. Later, we had Christmas dinner with my family so it was a full day spent with those we love. We hope you had a wonderful day as well!

On a different note... I've been thinking a lot about the upcoming year, what I need to change, and what goals I want to set that will be best for my family. One thing I know I need to do is make sure this space, which I love and enjoy but can also take up quite a bit of my time, does not interfere with my top priority of raising LM and Lark. So, with that in mind along with other reasons, I've decided that this Wednesday will be the last link up party for Little Vintage Style. I apologize for not hosting it last week when I was sans computer, and also for this abrupt notice of its end.

I still plan on doing Little Vintage Style posts, both with our family and guest posters, but I will no longer hold myself to doing them every week or ask you to link up (although I would be so happy if you left me a link in the comments). Thank you to everyone who has participated this past year, I have loved seeing your kiddos retro style and getting to know you! I hope you'll still do vintage style posts and keep up those ties. We'll see you tomorrow!


  1. Your sweet girls are blessed with a wonderful mama. I completely understand needing to simplify things to better focus on the most important and to better cherish each day.
    So glad your Christmas was happy. Peace to your family in this new year. :)
    ~ elizabeth

  2. You have the cutest family. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. I wish the best for you all next year =)

    - Sarah

  3. much love in the new year!

  4. I adore your blog and your style! Always love to see a new post from you :)