Thursday, June 16, 2011

lark// 3 months

The expression in the picture above can go two ways... I am preferring to think of it as a little 'Oh yeah, I'm awesome!' look of excitement for turning three months old!

This past month has been a breeze folks, and I can credit most of it to this little girl deciding to become a thumb sucker. She will only do it when she is sleepy so I didn't get a picture, but I can lay her down wide eyed (albeit tired) for a nap and she will pop that sucker in and be good to go. I cannot tell you how amazingly giddy this makes me.* For now, I am choosing not to think about the possibility of buck teeth in her future.

*Don't worry, I still get lots of cuddle time with her during nursing. Being able to lay her down this easily makes me happy because it helps me have more time to devote to LM...or the laundry :)

This month she also started giggling and squealing when I tickle her neck and thighs, reaching for objects hanging above her, and wiggling enough to move from the spot I placed her. She also gained a whole lot more booty as I started using cloth diapers again. I loved the bum genius all-in-ones we used for LM and still use them, but I also got some of their newer version that has snaps instead of velcro - much better since the velcro eventually started popping open as LM got bigger...

I am so loving my new momma of two status. Lark is such a sweetheart! 

I'll be taking pictures of Lark wearing her brooch monthly from now on...


  1. Aww- she is such a little "doll baby" as my husband's grandma says.

  2. Happy 3 months Lark!!

    Cohen is a thumb sucker too and I couldn't have been happier when he made laying him down at naptime/bedtime way easier I think. Also, we use the old BumGenius and the velcro is just now starting to wear out...I'm thinking we will really need some new ones for our next one too. I'm so glad they moved to snaps!

  3. Lark is just the cutest! Yes, my littlest is a thumb-sucker (after two paci babies), and I was so excited for it! Partly just because it's so cute, but not having to keep up with pacis? Oh, that's a dream!!

  4. I'm so glad two has been so great for you. That gives me hope! She is so precious, Stace! I cannot believe she's 3 months already! What a sweet girl.