Friday, June 24, 2011

happy 28

(me, LM, and a wildflower)

I wish I could capture today's feeling and bottle it up (taking a polaroid was the next best option. Too bad it turned out all wonky). I always want to remember that on the weekend I turned 28 years old, there was nothing more I wanted or needed in life.

I have a sweet sleeping baby upstairs, a cute toddler/princess/mermaid, and a handsome husband working hard for our family on his way home to sweep me off my feet and take me out on the town.

Even if I am romanticizing my life a bit, the point is I am more happy and content now than I ever have been before... so, I think 28 is going to be good. Or, I suppose I should say great! :)

let' have a mini-celebration, shall we?
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happy weekend!


  1. happy birthday!!! so far my 28th year has been the best. this was a sweet post. xo

  2. what a happy & positive little post! sounds like you are very blessed! happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday! What better gift is there than realising you're totally happy! =) x

  4. Happy Birthday to you!
    28 was a fabulous year for me. It was the year I married my sweet husband and moved into an apartment by the sea. I have so many sweet memories of 28 and I am sure you will too.

  5. Happy birthday, dearie! So glad you had a nice day with your sweet family!
    ~ Elizabeth