Wednesday, June 22, 2011

little vintage style v.10

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We had a picnic at the park yesterday (if you can call a menu of suckers a picnic - we sat on a blanket so I think it counts). I decided going to this particular park will have to become a new weekly tradition - except in swimsuits, because how could I forget about the awesome stream running through it all the kids play in during the summer?! I told LM she could get as wet and muddy as she wanted, but she decided to come back another day when she was properly attired. That girl likes things to be just so (that and the water was cold).

Lark spent some time looking at the sunshine filtering through the leaves. Not a bad way to spend a beautiful afternoon.

LM wore: vintage top - thrifted, shorts - Target, shoes - Saltwater sandals
Lark wore: vintage sweater - thrifted, cloth diaper - bum genius 
Momma wore: vintage top - thrifted

What are your favorite summer hang out spots?

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  1. oh they are so precious! i looove that dress on lark!!

  2. I love LM's expression in the top photo of her! And love the minty knit dress on Lark! So adorable!!

  3. Such amazing photos, you and your girls are so pretty! Oh and I REALLY love that quilt that Lark is lounging on.

  4. Sounds like a picnic to me - anything on blanket counts in my book.
    You all look adorable. I love the colour of Larks little sweater.