Monday, April 8, 2013


I know, Easter was so last week but I couldn't let it pass completely by without acknowledging what was such a lovely holiday. After church we spent the afternoon at my mom and her husband's new home in the country. It was the perfect setting for an egg hunt and a fun place to go exploring. We all walked to the end of their property and back and it was so nice to be outside together with the warm sun shining on our faces. You are more than welcome, Spring!

The girls wore vintage dresses like they have for the past two years, but I am thinking I need to bring the tradition of handmade dresses on Easter back (not that it was that long ago, ha). What I really mean is I would like to start sewing more again, which is code for 'I need to organize my craft room'. ;)

Oh, and that last picture? My mama heart is bursting. I love those girls.

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  1. nothing wrong with late easter posts (mine was a week late too!). Love the vintage dresses, especially the one with all the pintucks- so fun!