Tuesday, April 23, 2013

thank you

Thank you for your support about our recent loss. I have been taking time to process it all. I am doing much better although there are still moments when I am overcome with sadness, but I am okay with that... I allow myself a good cry whenever I need it, and I am grateful that I have a husband who can just look at me and know that I need his arms around me and his whisper in my ear that everything is going to be okay. And I know it will be. We are definitely not done having kids.

We have been keeping busy behind the scenes. We are all so excited for the coming Summer months. It has been a chilly start to Spring, but we have had some warm-ish sunny days we took full advantage of with trips to the beach, skateboarding down the driveway, and running through the sprinkler.

With Springs arrival we have turned our attention from working on projects inside the house to working outside in the yard. So far that has meant a lot of clean up. The yard was completely neglected for some time, but you can tell it was once well taken care of and there are pretty daffodils and tulips blooming a midst all of the weeds and overgrowth. We are still not close to being done, but it is shaping up to at least be presentable. I am itching to get our garden plot ready and almost can't wait for those lilac buds I spotted the other day to bloom.


  1. stacy, i am sending many many hugs to you all!!!

    alisha (lishyloo)

  2. I just learned of your loss. I'm so sorry. Never an easy situation to go through. You are a great mama. =( Hang in there.

  3. I know how you feel, I just recently posted about my miscarriage healing too. I am sorry you are going through this, but I am so glad you have such support!