Monday, August 16, 2010

the music party

We celebrated the Little Miss' second birthday with family over the weekend.

My mom made her a cute polka-dot birthday dress from a vintage pattern. (She is still learning how to make a two with her fingers, but this is her attempt)

One of her gifts was a children's music book originally published in 1947. The illustrations are amazing, I'll show you some later. My sister also made her a bunch of cute flower hair clips. We put them in all at once and it looked like she had a pretty crown of flowers on her head.

The kids played some games with musical instruments and we all sang some of her favorite songs.

Then we ate the yummy carrot cake that Husband made all by himself. (We ran out of powdered sugar so we didn't have enough frosting for the sides)

She was wary about us holding fire so close to her face, but with a little help the candles were blown out and I'm sure her birthday wish will come true!


  1. looks like everything went well and all the decorations are adorable. She looks so cute with those flowers in her hair! What a great birthday!

  2. What a perfect little party!!

    And you and Avery can definitely be my subjects when we get back!

  3. So your daughter is darling and I can comfortably say, easily the best dressed toddler on the planet.

  4. so adorable! Oh my goodness I have not seen "her" since she was tiny!!! Since I was locked out of your blog! Do you have a personal blog too? Or is this it?
    Why oh why didn't I know you had a vintage baby etsy shop? I pretty much want to buy every item in there. And wish I would have known during the summer for little Graham. But you better believe, once the husband goes off to bed, wink wink, I'm getting all 10 on the keyboard and BUYING that ADORABLE, vintage ruffled hoodie for Holland. The one with flowers.

  5. ok, so I just tried to buy it. I committed to buy. But paypal sent an error message to me twice saying they are having difficulties??? So don't sell it! I WILL buy it.

  6. ok I think it's MINE! haha
    Your shop is ridiculous! I looked through some of the sold stuff and I had to stop...because I was kicking myself.
    I don't know how you can let some of that stuff go!
    I am excited to catch up on your blog, I bet your adorable little 2 year old gets the best dressed award=)

  7. 10th comment in a row.
    I am not even two pages caught up and I'm in serious envy. You ARE amazing! Can I please shar your "dress into a skirt" post. I LOVE that and can't believe it. I won't use names. But I just have to share it. You are so talented. The whole time I've been catching up, I've been, I need a hobby! You are inspiring.