Wednesday, October 3, 2012

soak in the color

We love this time of year. When the trees put on a bright and colorful show that never fails to impress, and then shower their leaves down onto the forest floor like a grand finale with the most wonderful confetti. It just feels like a time to celebrate!

We went to our favorite spot up the canyon, not once, but twice last weekend to go leaf collecting. The colors are breathtaking, but they fade fast so we did our best to soak up every vibrant color while at the same time breathing in the changing of the season. The girls made sure to choose a leaf in every shape and shade. 

I'll show you some of the things we did with our bags full of leaves soon...


  1. These are such wonderful pictures!! I've been "google reader"ing blogs for a while so haven't seen your lovely new layout until now, so I don't know how long you've had it but it's beautiful!

    1. thank you! it has been a while, but i never really did a big post announcing the new look... probably too late now :)

  2. Fall is so magical... especially for children =)

    - Sarah