Wednesday, September 26, 2012

little vintage style: welcome autumn

Hello, Autumn! We welcome you with pumpkin-colored pants and a big pink bow for good measure. 

We are so happy with the lovely weather you brought along with you, and the beautiful colors creeping down the mountainside closer to us everyday. 

We don't even mind that your arrival dried up the stream bed. We like throwing rocks just the same and even have our pick of the lot...

LM wore: bow headband + top, Target//pants, vintage//shoes, Saltwater sandals
Lark wore: top, thrifted Gap//pants, Old Navy//shoes, gift, Converse

Yes, we are pretty happy you are here - we just wish you would stick around longer!


  1. Lovely outfit as always. Beautiful pictures, specially the last one, she looks like a cute pixie in the forest.

  2. your girls are so stylish! (obviously, they take after you.) ;)

  3. Yay! Welcome Autumn! It really is fun, huh? Those kids look so fun together. Going outside sometimes is really good to catch some fresh air, and see nice natural colors. Chris

  4. oh my gosh! they slay me!