Tuesday, September 11, 2012

first day of preschool + a review

We had a successful first week of preschool and it's on to the second! The Little Miss goes three days a week, and attends three different classes while she is there - theater/music, art, and letters/numbers. So far the theater class is her clear favorite. She excitedly describes in detail what they acted out on stage each day, but when I ask what she did in her letters/numbers class I can never get a straight answer!

I am not really surprised, although she does like to practice writing and do her workbook, she absolutely loves pretending and using her imagination, like most four-year-olds. She conjures up the funniest stories and is always pretending to be someone/something. Last week it was a cat, which is probably why she wanted to wear this darling stitchy cat button through hoody on the first day of school.

"P" for preschool!

Next provided us with the hoody to review, and it really is great. Like theater class, it was an instant favorite with the Little Miss. She has no plans to wait until the cooler weather rolls in to wear it, but once Fall does arrive I know this piece will be a staple in her wardrobe. It is super soft, good quality, and I love the sweet and positive sayings - her first day of school really was 'a lovely day!'

LM wore: stitchy cat button through hoody c/o Next//dress, old navy//shoes, target//backpack, made by mama//hairclip, handmade gift

As part of the review Next asked me to make a little video which is something I don't usually think to do (this is the first video I have ever edited!), but I am glad I captured my little girl on this big day in her life. I couldn't get her to talk coherently, I think because she had some first-day-of-school-nerves and was dealing with them by being extra super silly, but if she wasn't being so silly and only making funny noises she would have told you she absolutely loves her cat hoody! ;)

preschool.mov from stacy hart on Vimeo.
Music: Noah and the Whale, 5 Years Time


  1. so cute! i can't watch the video at work, but the pictures are great! i'm glad she's having a great time in school. :)

  2. I wish I had a matching sweatshirt. I love it! And you did a great job on the video. Now you'll have to make one at the start of every school year!

  3. You did such great ob on that video! It's adorable. As is your girly.

  4. really preciousssss! my older daughter is going to start preschool next year and id love to do something like this for her.