Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Snapshots of our life lately...

Best Sculpture Award//Best Dressed Award (okay I just made that one up)

Exhausted from too much fun//Daddy can do all of the Disney character voices

We painted a lot, but you already knew that//Did you know I got a blister though?

Unsupervised art time//A confetti-filled birthday letter 

Popsicle karioke//She's been doing this thing lately... 

She wants to learn to play violin//Hipster ballerina?

Tippy-toes mean trouble//As in getting into things she shouldn't 

Vintage dresses about to get soaked//Take that dirt

Trying on costume options//Striking Halloween costume gold in my stash

Mini pumpkins are the extent of our decor//Enjoying one last afternoon at the lake

A Hip Handmade Holiday was super hip//Look for the e-book coming out November 1st! 

 Getting to know our new backyard//First snowfall of the season! (It melted within the hour)

Life is busy, but oh. so. good.


  1. Gorgeous photos of those gorgeous girls. Enjoy every minute, well except for all that painting! mel x

  2. adorable!! love the "she's been doing this thing lately..." photo...hilarious!