Thursday, October 25, 2012

shop update

A new shop update was added today with some really great winter items. Does it snow where you live? We got our first little snowstorm yesterday and another bigger one today, so I have snow boots and mittens on my mind - the two winter items the girls are in need of this year. I ordered myself a pair of snow boots (sale ends today) knowing I will be more willing to take the girls outside to play if I have a warm comfy pair of boots to throw on... and I have to say, looking forward to a cute new pair of shoes makes this cold snowy weather rolling in just a little more welcome :)

 Check out the shop, or click on the links above to go directly to your favorite piece. Thanks!


  1. ooooooh...that cape! unfortunately, i'm on a spending freeze. boooooo.
    such cute items!

  2. Oh my! Can't get enough of this update.
    In love with that little cape and the circle skirt.

  3. i wish that yellow plaid cape was in my size! lol