Friday, December 17, 2010

the sick bug paid us a visit

The past few days we've been tucked away at home since the Little Miss woke up with a fever and congestion mid-week. It snuck up on us and put a hold on life, but I'm not complaining since I don't mind snuggling on the couch and rubbing her cute little feet (she's just like her mama). And now I am starting to feel a tickle in my throat so the weekend might turn out to be just as quiet as the week has been - I'm hoping not though since we have two Christmas parties to attend.

Thankfully her fever broke this morning. We are still taking it easy, but rather than stay inside one more day we did make it out for a short fat quarter run this morning. If I am going to be sick I wanted to be surrounded with everything I need to finish up her doll gift.

And buying fabric always seems to make me feel better so it was therapeutic!

While laying on the couch this week I spent some time sketching up wardrobe ideas. Some of them I already have finished in felt, but this weekend I'll be taking time to sew up the rest of Dolly's wardrobe using fabric, that and I need to start on her home sweet home.

Seems like everyone is sick right now, but if you are not I hope the sick bug skips your house! I better get a move on since for us Christmas is only 7 days away! We are celebrating on Christmas Eve since we will be traveling on Christmas Day. Have a lovely weekend!

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