Wednesday, December 29, 2010

holiday highlights

Hello! We just got back from our holiday travels which were so nice. I hope you had a lovely Christmas this year, ours was wonderful! I didn't end up taking many pictures but here are a few of the highlights I did manage to capture...

On Christmas Eve we opened our traditional family game. This year it was Chutes and Ladders which was fun. (However, locking the keys in the car while doing last minute stocking stuffer shopping and picking up dinner, not as much fun. Let's hope that doesn't become a tradition!)

On Christmas morning the Little Miss unveiled her big surprise, a play kitchen equipped with lots of food and pots and pans.  Now there is finally a proper home for her melamine dishes, yay! This was a big hit - she spent the rest of the morning cooking us meals and making us sip pretend cups of juice.

I got the Le Creuset pot of my dreams and Husband unexpectedly got the gaming headset of his dreams. That was actually a gift for both of us as now when he plays his games I get some peace and quiet instead of war background noises. Much better.

Then we headed down to be with the in-laws for some more Christmas fun. The Little Miss made her first graham cracker gingerbread house with her cousins. She did such a good job! We also got to spend a lot of time playing outside since it was much warmer there and that was a present in and of itself. All in all we were spoiled and loved, what more could you ask for? :)

I have just a bit more to finish up on her doll gift and then I'll share that with you too!

Did you get what you asked for this year?


  1. Le Cruset, you lucky gal! If I actually cooked more, perhaps I'd really appreciate something like that :)
    The play kitchen is adorable. Glad you had a great Christmas!

  2. This play kitchen is adorable! Would you mind it homemade or bought somewhere? I would love to find/make something similar. Thanks!

  3. @jac - the play kitchen is from ikea and we are pretty happy with it!