Monday, March 22, 2010

weekend snapshots

Running to the freedom of 'ous' (outside)

Welcome Spring,

We couldn't be happier you are here. The Little Miss dashes outside every chance she gets to soak up your sunshine and discover the world all over again at a new level from last year. She is delighted by all of the neighbors you have lured outside for walks, especially when they bring their doggies with them. She laughs when the dogs lick her face and cries when they continue on their way. Since you showed up we went to the park and the Little Miss went down the big slide all by herself yelling, "Wee!" the whole way. It brought so much joy to both of us. Please stick around.


Spotting a doggy down the street

This weekend we celebrated the coming of Spring with a new romper. I used a vintage house dress for the fabric and buttons and the pattern is NewLook 6903. The pattern was easy to sew (I finished it during her afternoon nap) and I love how it turned out. I can't get enough of her baby legs and its a great style to hide the 'junk in the trunk' her washable diapers give her. I think I'll make another!

Showing off her newly acquired stair stepping skills


  1. Love these pictures they are so so sweet. I also love her romper and flower. You should enter one of these pictures on Bloom for this week's spring picture contest.

  2. Really adorable!!! I love that romper too. One day when I have a girl I'll have to buy the cute clothes you make.