Wednesday, March 17, 2010

kid's room inspiration

Please excuse my absence. If I tell you we are being audited will you forgive me? I spent all day yesterday figuring out what we did wrong when we filed last year, and with a lot of help from the very nice accountants at my work we now owe a whole lot less than the IRS thought we did - hallelujah! What a headache though, have you ever been audited? This year we are hiring someone to help us with our taxes.

Needless to say I haven't been up to anything worth blogging about this week, but I have been day dreaming about re-painting the Little Miss' room and making it more toddler friendly. I never put the nursery together in a satisfactory way (to me), so every time I walk in there I think about what little projects I never got around to doing, or what pictures are still not hung up... I would much rather feel happy and satisfied, not to mention have an organized space.

I've been finding a lot of inspiration in this nursery I loved last year, and from these rooms pictured below from Retro Villa. Aren't they awesome? They make me want to wallpaper everything.

(pictures from Retro Villa, found via)


  1. i love everyone of these rooms!!!

  2. those are cute. but wallpaper is a pain to get off when you are done with it.

  3. I love a lot of these ideas, I am a chicken when it comes to wallpapering though. I read my crib story, I can't imagine ruining a wall in my house ha ha ha (serious though) Oh and I am so sorry about taxes, my parents got audited this past year. Taxes suck! You don't even want to know how much Brandon and I owe (it makes me throw up in my mouth a little, again serious)