Wednesday, March 24, 2010

thrifted goodies

I spotted this chair from afar and instantly knew I would be taking it home. It's faded and has some cracks on the seat so it will need new upholstery eventually, but for now it works and will function as my new sewing chair. I love the frame though and I think it'll look really stellar once I fix it up.

The Little Miss put it through some stomping and peek-a-boo tests and it passed them all with flying colors.

I'm sure I would have passed right by this picture if not for the fact that my mother had this exact print hanging up in our house when I was little. I had to buy it for the pure nostalgia! I've been on a role lately finding items from my childhood - earlier this week I stumbled upon this fabric that my mother used to make blankets for my older sisters. They were always my favorite blankets and I still use them today!

And finally, finally the Little Miss fits into her saddle shoes! I've been waiting patiently for months and months for her to grow into these shoes and this week I finally got to pull them out of storage. I am of the opinion that every little girl needs a pair of vintage saddle shoes.

And just so you know, I also like shiny new things. Husband and I got matching phones (aw, cute!) this week and I love them! I feel so cool using a touch screen and although I haven't done it yet I could get on the internet if I wanted! I know that is old news but my last phone was such a dinosaur it didn't even have speaker phone capability, so I am quite happy with my step up in the world. Here's to things old and new!


  1. EEEK! I love those shoes. I had some when I was a kid too.
    And that chair... I LOVE Bertoia chairs and your chair has a nod in that direction. Awesome. I would say a good thrifting trip indeed.

  2. Fun post! I love thrift finds. And I also love things that spark nostalgia!