Wednesday, March 10, 2010

thrifted goodies

Some recent finds:

I love this painting, it's so beautiful in person. I'm hoping to find more like it.

When I spotted this globe I remembered how much I loved to play with our globe growing up - they are educational while being eye candy at the same time. Then when I brought it home my father looked it over and started giving us a history lesson in 1950-60 geography (with some internet research help). I had no idea it was so old.

I have such a soft spot for old patterns. I love the art on the covers. I want to frame my favorites to put up as decor in my craft room. I do plan on using these if all the pieces are intact.

And last but not least two vintage house dresses. I plan on using these to make the Little Miss some summer frocks. House dresses are perfect because they are not very tailored so you can get large pieces of fabric out of them, and you have vintage buttons to match!

Do you love old things too?


  1. Great finds, I love the painting and I also remember playing with our globe too as a child. (I would probably play with one now if I had one) And the house dresses are cute fabric. Speaking of house dresses, I was joking to my mom that I was going to buy a mu mu for the rest of my pregnancy because everything is uncomfortable. It just makes sense right?

  2. I love old things more and more every time I find a new treasure. Unfortunately, I haven't found old patterns... anywhere. Once upon a time I found two old underwear patterns which I purchased because they were really funny :) but maybe no one sews out here?
    If I ever see a globe like that, I'll probably have to beat down other ladies who try to get it too... I want to have a collection someday!