Friday, May 23, 2014

19/52 + 39 weeks

 1 - The girls have been mix and matching their swimsuits and playing in the backyard with the hose after school all week long. Lark doesn't seem to mind running around bare foot in our pokey weed-filled yard, but LM always makes sure to wear shoes. Just another small way they are total opposites that makes me smile.

2 - LM only has one more week of school and then she will be a Kindergarten graduate! I really can't believe how fast this school year went by, wasn't I just dropping her off for her first day? The timing is actually nice though since I will have a newborn soon and I won't have to worry about getting out of the house at certain times each day for school drop off and pick up. It will be nice to have her home to help me too. She is growing up and proving to be a big help to us around the house and with her sister. I have talked to her about how important her contribution is to our family and how much we appreciate what she can do. We also discussed how a newborn is going to take up a lot of my time and attention, especially at first, and how I will need her to lend an extra hand every now and then. I am certainly not going to overbear her with responsibility, but I am glad she will be there to grab me a burp cloth, or help her little sister put on her shoes. She has declared she will NOT change a poopy diaper, but she WILL put that stinky diaper into the diaper pail for me after I change it. Ha.

3 - Lark is still taking naps for me almost every afternoon but once her sister is home all day I predict they will slowly start to dwindle and I am actually okay with that - it will help with bedtime which she can drag out for a very long time. One of my favorite things she does right now is make up stories. She grabs a book and says she will read it to me and then makes up the funniest little stories with awesome dramatic voice inflections and facial expressions that crack me up. They usually involve a dragon, a princess, a castle made of cheese, some part of the book she is looking at, and a mixture of the Three Little Pigs or Peter Pan. It is truly entertaining, she is a ham and has a fun imagination. She has declared she will get the wipes when it comes to the poopy diaper changing.

4 - Tomorrow is my due date. I am feeling calm and ready. LM took this picture for me since I figured I needed to document my bump in this series for what will hopefully be the final time. Next week I hope to have a beautiful tiny face make his appearance here in place of my large and in charge belly.

Have a nice long weekend :)

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