Monday, May 19, 2014

living room tour

Here are some pictures of our living room that I snapped right after I cleaned it the other day. Usually the girls have their drawing supplies littered all over the coffee table, the pillows are on the floor, and various books and toys are scattered about the room and I like it that way too.

When it comes to decorating I am a slow one. I tend to take my time and let the decor of our home naturally evolve as I come across something I love here or there. Since we started out with practically nothing when we moved in it has taken some time to fill up the place. We've been living in our home for a year and five months now and I finally feel like our living room feels put together enough to share. I'm sure it will always be changing in little ways and I'm not sure that I'll ever feel like it is completely 'done,' but at least there are pictures hanging on the wall which is more than I can say about the rest of the house.

Since I don't have a large home decor fund at my disposal what you see here was almost all found at the thrift store or through our local classifieds. The chesterfield-style couch, West Elm rug, vintage Lane coffee table, and vintage bar stools were all found second hand for great prices. The little sewing cabinet under the gallery wall is an heirloom from my mother. I remember her sewing atop that cabinet my whole childhood and I am glad to have it in my home now. Most of the little finishing touches like the pillows, throw blanket, plant pots, and picture frames are from either Target or Ikea.

I'd like to add some hanging plants, keep working on the gallery wall, get a new floor lamp that makes more of a statement, and make or find some colorful pillows to add to the couch, but for now we are enjoying this space as it is just fine.

The girl's room is the next closest space to feeling finished, I'll share their corner of our home soon.


  1. It's beautiful. Homey, comfy-looking, AND modern. Rooms that someone "decorates" quickly never have that much soul.