Monday, May 7, 2012

moon gazing

This weekend was pretty magical. Husband and I got to celebrate our five year anniversary spending two glorious days sans kids, relaxing, talking without being interrupted, and eating so. much. delicious. food. Apparently, we like to celebrate milestones by stuffing our faces guilt-free and I am perfectly okay with it. We did visit the resort gym as well so at least some calories were combated, and I'm sure we also sweat some out in the sauna where it got a little, well, steamy... ha...

After brunch on Saturday (and a stop at the bakery we happened to pass by) we picked up the girls from my mom's house and found out LM woke up not feeling well that morning. She slept most of the day and with Lark still napping it was actually a nice way to ease back into parental responsibilities again. After resting all day, however, LM was wide awake later that night (and thankfully feeling much better). Her wakeful state turned out to be perfect timing for some late night super moon gazing, so we gathered up a pile of warm blankets, drove up to a grassy area at the top of our street, and watched the biggest, prettiest moon we'd ever seen gradually inch over the dark mountain silhouette and into the night sky.

"Mommy, look! I can see all the different countries on the moon!"

We stayed until LM got sleepy and requested her bed, then we said goodnight to the moon...

make gifs

I only had my iphone so by no means do these pictures capture the true breathtaking beauty of the moon that night, but I am happy to have captured a little bit of the magic. And, to have shared it with two of my favorite people.


  1. SUPER MOON! That's sp great that you took the time to just gaze :)

  2. How fun! I love the idea of moon gazing with the family kinda like a picnic. Glad your family had a nice time =)

    - Sarah

  3. Oh, I love the last frame. I think these are better than what you may have taken with a better camera. I feel like it sort of captures the artistry of the night and leaving the rest to the imagination, rather than to take a picture that comes juuuUUUust close and tries to trick you into thinking that's EXACTLY what it was like...

  4. Happy anniversary, it's important to always celebrate and take time out as a couple. We also spent time moon gazing with our kids on Sunday night, but not in such style as you did.:)

  5. The "super moon" truly was breath taking and I'm so glad you got to share that experience with your daughter. Living in London, I wish the city lights did not distract from the beauty of the night sky.