Wednesday, April 4, 2012

it never hurts to ask...

Oh, how I would love to pick out a brand new gorgeous sofa (among other things) for our home, but it just isn't in our budget right now. That is why I am always on the lookout for furniture when I am out thrifting. I have found some amazing deals on mid-century dressers, bookcases, and chairs in the past - I love the design and quality as much as the price tag. So, when I spied this couch the other day I hurried over with our lack of seating in the living room forefront in my mind. Although it wasn't my ideal color, it was still pretty, didn't have any funky smells, and was in fantastic condition. For a mere $35 I was sold...except, according to the tag, so was it.

A bit disappointed I checked out the rest of the store and found some other hidden gems (including a couple of beautiful 40's little girl dresses - be still my heart) but I couldn't stop thinking about that couch! I passed by it again and this time noticed that it was on hold. I found a worker and asked him if there was any way to find out if the person didn't come back to purchase it. He gave me a puzzled look, took the tag off and said he would be right back. A couple of minutes later he told me if I wanted the couch it was mine!

I should have thought about it, but the thrift store doesn't put things on hold all day long. If you don't come back with your receipt as proof of purchase within an hour or two the furniture goes back up for sale - the workers had just forgotten to take the sold tag off of this particular couch. I certainly wasn't complaining though because that 'sold' tag kept my couch sitting pretty for me all day long!

Lesson learned - it never hurts to ask! Have you found any good finds lately?