Thursday, February 23, 2012

shop update

Just added these new items to the shop!

Is this week flying by for you like it is for me? I suppose that is what usually happens when Monday was a holiday, but I really can't believe tomorrow is already Friday. We have plans to do a little house hunting/researching this weekend and I am pretty over the moon about it. Just excited that something is happening in that life department, even though it may be a long while still before buying a house works out for us. It's just nice to acknowledge a dream, even if only for a weekend. Exciting! Do you have any fun plans?


  1. This whole month has flown by ridiculously fast. Have fun looking at houses! My plans for this weekend include sewing as much as possible and maybe a nap or two :)

  2. I am going out to a new restaurant (my favorite thing to do) and celebrating an 8 year olds birthday at the roller skating rink. Lovely :)

  3. my husband and i are starting the process of buying a home too! i'm equally smitten and terrified of the idea. :)