Monday, February 27, 2012

our favorite kiddo apps

Sadly, Lark picked up a sick-bug and these last several days (and nights) have been loooonng for all of us. LM has been a champ considering Lark's awake time is demanding almost all of my attention and both of my arms, and honestly, I have my iphone to thank for keeping her entertained during the moments I just need to focus on the sick child. On a normal day, I usually let LM play games while I nurse Lark and put her down for a nap, but she has been enjoying 'game time' a little more lately. I thought I would share a few of our favorite kiddo apps with you.

We love the Tickle Tap Apps - Toddler PackToddler Pack Two, and Doodlecast. The graphics and colors are well designed, and the games are clever while covering a wide array of learning and creative play. LM chooses to play these more than any other apps and I don't blame her - they are fun!

Plic Ploc Wiz is another favorite. You fill in the blanks with the corresponding shape, and then afterward you can make your own picture using them and send it to a friend.

Although LM does like Peekaboo Barn, this one is perfect for Lark since all you have to do is touch the screen to play. It teaches animals and their sounds.

Do you have an iphone or ipad, and if so, do you let your children play games on it? Before I got my iphone I thought it was asking for trouble to let your toddler play with such an expensive 'toy', but now I am a total believer as long as the games are educational. For us the key is making sure we set a limit to playing time. Before I hand over my phone LM knows when she has to stop - ie. when I am done putting Lark down for her nap.

This article on screen time I found on MPMK is an interesting read if you have some time. I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic, and also any recommendations for creative learning apps you love!

(These opinions are my own, I was not compensated by these companies to write this post.)


  1. thanks for the tips, we'll need to try the first two (we have peekaboo barn). my daughter really likes the eric carle app for the memory game in it, and she's also a fan of puzzld! :)

  2. Thanks for these! My daughter loves the Playschool Art Show app (and it's free!)
    But we don't have much else on there for her yet. I've just downloaded the ones mentioned here- thank you! There are so many it's hard to know which one to choose!

  3. thanks for these stacy. i haven't let ivy play on my iphone yet, except for looking at photos (which still makes me nervous!) but she loves to play a few games on the computer. 'play school' is the most amazing show here in australia for little ones and their website has great simple games:
    this is a great site also:
    she doesn't play them too often, but LOVES it when she gets the chance.

  4. great post, stacy! i will definitely download these apps for Zoey. at 6 months, she is infatuated with the hugga mind baby symbolizer high-contrast sensory stimulator. {dang, that's a mouthfull!} sounds, images...she loves it! check it out. :)

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  6. Love this post, thanks for the great ideas! My 3 year old's favorites are the Dr. Suess books from OceanHouse Media. There is an autoplay feature that will read the books to her when I am otherwise occupied (ahem, at the lady doctor particularly!) Her other favorite is Night & Day Studio's Busytown. She can pick a character and get them dressed and take them to all sorts of places in Busytown, so cute. I'm off to look for the few you mentioned. Thanks for the tips!

  7. Thanks for sharing Stacy. I have a 3 yo as well and it is great to have some new apps. We have a sum total of 3 big favourites- playschool artmaker which someone else already mentioned is fab as they can make little videos and sing along then play it back to themselves over and over, also parrot carrot is cute and the only one I have paid for $2- toca tea party is a big hit if she is into such girly things. Love your blog, my girl loves her vintage outfits too and never give up on finding your dream house, we found ours just over a year ago and are loving our garden and very slowly renovating. melx