Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Lark turned 11 months old a couple of weeks ago and I can hardly believe she will be ONE in just a couple more weeks! I need to start planning her party, but I am in denial that it's coming up so soon. This week she started saying "up!" and something that sort-of-not-really sounds like "book" and then she hands me a book to read. She is the sweetest.

Reason no. 384 of why I love my husband - he needed new glasses and specifically chose frames to appease the teenage girl in me who always had crushes on boys with black-rimmed glasses but never ended up dating one. Now I am married to one and he is a hottie. Blahm.

Dolly finally got a face, and Lark finally started growing some visible hair. It looks very strawberry in the sunlight and my mom is convinced that she will be a red-head. I most certainly wouldn't mind, but she has said that about every grandchild (wishful thinking) and they have all ended up blonde.

I wore the same striped sweater two days in a row last week. I may be wearing it again today (I am).

New items will be listed in the shop later this week. I was lucky enough to come by a cute little ballerina who agreed to be my model (bribes may or may not have been offered and accepted).

We have been spending lots of time playing outdoors and practicing walking on uneven surfaces. Thank you glorious weather!

These two pictures capture my daughter's interests at this time in her life perfectly - constantly writing her letters (those are a bunch of A's), and requesting to listen to Yo Gabba Gabba.

Reason no. 564 of why I love my husband - he starts impromptu Beach Boys dance parties with the girls, and indulges requests for blanket rides. (Squint and you can imagine what Lark would look like with her sisters curls).

We had the loveliest of three-day weekends, hope you did too.

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  1. Your children are adorable! I cannot wait until we start trying for kids! So fun!

    Come follow me....

  2. This was a sweet blog post. Your girls are so precious. I just got the same turntable! My husband got it for me and I love it!

    - Sarah

  3. i almost named Zoey, Lark! and then I thought of Zoey Lark, but it sounded too much like her dad's name - Mark...we chose Zoey Wren. Anyway, sounds (and looks!) like you had a lovely weekend. Lark actually reminds me of Zoey in that last photo. they look similar!

  4. Ha - I just made my husband get black rimmed glasses!! Love that picture of LM with the sunnies on. And the blanket ride - too cute!