Wednesday, October 12, 2011

little vintage style v.26

With the cool weather rolling in this past week I feel all out of sorts when it comes to dressing the girls. Currently their room is covered with a giant heap of warm and cold weather clothing all mixed up that I need to sort through badly. Every day I've just been grabbing whatever I know (or hope) is clean to put on them whether it matches or not, and I've just been satisfied that they are clothed. So, my goal today is to tackle the laundry, donate or store the summer clothes, and get organized for winter!

 In the mean time we have been thinking a lot about what to be for Halloween, as I'm sure you have too. LM is very firm in her decision that she wants to be a butterfly, so I am thinking about dressing up Lark as a caterpillar. I can't seem to get it out of my head that our costumes need to be themed though, so where that leaves Husband and I is uncertain... I'm pretty sure he won't let me wrap him up to look like a cocoon. But, regardless of what we end up wearing I know it will include vintage since it's perfect for costumes! Here is what we've done the past couple of years...

When LM was one I made her a wind-up doll costume. It was so simple - a vintage dress, black patent leather 'doll' shoes, a key made from cardboard and a toilet paper roll, and rosy cheeks!

Last year when she was two I sewed her a Little Red Riding Hood costume using vintage and new fabrics.

Husband and I were the woodsman and the wolf disguised as Grandma. I wore my Great-Grandmother's shawl that she knitted herself - it was perfect since it was brown and furry! Granny glasses and a thrifted muumuu topped it off (I was about 5 months pregnant with Lark at the time so comfort was key). Husband let his beard grow out and wore a vintage plaid shirt.

Have you decided what you are going to be, and will it include any vintage?

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  1. amazing costumes! I already pinned both of them, ha! I need to make a red costume for sure! Did you use a pattern for the dress and cape?

    p.s. I did grow up in Utah! I am from Alpine actually. I left about 8 years ago. I miss it. Beautiful place.

  2. Oh my goodness!!! That wind up doll is so creative and easy!!!! That is just awesome.

    - Sarah

  3. That wind-up doll is so cute! We usually go the easy way for Halloween. The boys wear whatever dress-up costume they happen to pull out that day, and the adults don't dress up. The only costume I have to worry about is Avery's, and she'll go as a lion this year, wearing the same costume her big brothers wore when they were two!

  4. That wind up doll is amazing! If you do family themes, what were you and your husband that year?

    Last year, I made my son a Toadstool costume and I was Princess Peach. We had a lot of pre-deployment drama, so I didn't really get to enjoy it, so I'm thinking about recycling the idea for thus year.

  5. I am so jealous that we don't have halloween!! The costumes you have made are so clever and what a little cutie she is.

  6. I love the wind-up doll costume so much. She really looks just like a living doll. Family themed costumes are my favorite. Ingrid will be an owl if I can get her costume done in time! Since I'm so pregnant I think I will be a fishbowl! haha. I love the little red riding hood cape too. That will be in my mind for next year. Liv will be almost one so she would be a cute wolf.

  7. That wind up doll costume is unbelievable! So adorable!

  8. wow I love both of her costumes but especially the wind up doll. I can't wait to see the butterfly and caterpillar outfits.
    Last year Harriet wore a costume I made for Isabella to be Dorothy, Billy rocked a 70's maroon polyester suit as an old school vampire and Arlo had a costume made from a vintage romper pattern to be a spider, you can see pics here
    this year Arlo wants to be a knight, Billy Frankenstein and Harriet a vampire bat so am working out how to fit vintage into their costumes

  9. @sewshesews - i did use a pattern for the cape (one i got at joann's) and the dress (a vintage one i had on hand), but the pinafore apron i just made up myself!

    @Colleen - that year we didn't do a family theme, but it would have been fun! have you seen chitty chitty bang bang? the main characters pretend to be wind-up dolls, so husband and i could have been them :)