Tuesday, October 25, 2011

lark// 7 months

I missed taking Lark's seven month pictures and eight months is already coming up fast, so these will have to do... This month she entered a fun new stage - she is mobile! Which means she is everywhere, getting into everything and loving it. Instead of it being harder, I think this stage is actually easier. Now I can put her down on the floor with LM and they can 'play' together and she is content being able to grab the toys she wants and move around to follow her sister. I love watching them play together - it most often involves LM pretending they are having a picnic while Lark chews on a plate.

She also said her first word. Kinda. We were at Grann's house and I needed to get something out of the car so I handed her off to my mom and went outside. Both my mom and niece said that when I left the house she burst into tears and said, "Moooooommm!!!" Of course she hasn't done it again, but she gives me a knowing smile when I try to get her to say it. I'm claiming it.

And... she's off!


  1. She's adorable! Mine just turned 6 months and I agree, this is a super fun age. And her brother is finally interested in her now that she moves a little. It's just moving way too fast this time!

  2. So stinking cute! My little guy just turned 7 months old and he is sooo close to crawling. Of course that just means that no matter how clean the house is (which isn't very much most days...) he WILL find something he's not supposed to have and try to eat it.

    My 2 year old daughter's first word was "shooooooooes" hahaha!