Monday, October 17, 2011

life lately

We've been...

washing pretty dresses

making big messes

crafting tiny rooms

watching ballerina performances...

...complete with tiny top knot

playing outside, now with added tights

starting to crawl

organizing records at the thrift

throwing away the play-doh, finally
(it had it's day. it needed to go. it's not my favorite mess to clean up.)

Lately, I feel like I am able to get a lot of things started, but not much finished. This week I hope to change that... Happy Monday, let's get things done this week, shall we?


  1. What a sweet life you have! Just lovely :) Here's to getting things done!

  2. Those dresses all look so pretty!! And I feel the same way about playdo!!

  3. mm i know what you mean about play-doh. coats everything with a salty crust.

    love seeing pictures of the girls, they are are so cute!

  4. totally! i feel you sister, i started sewing my new curtains and haven't finished them all. i only did the living room ones... thanks for the reminder! :)

    have a great week Stacy!! xoxo

  5. That tub full of dresses has me all excited. I hope they are for the shop.

  6. I see a few little dresses in that tub that I'd like to get my hands on...

    also, that little dollhouse suitcase is still probably the cutest thing I have ever seen. really.

  7. i love this post, it's so gorgeous.