Friday, September 9, 2011

shop update and other things

This week has completely gotten away from me, but I am fine with the fact that it is already Friday, yay! I feel like September has brought not only amazing weather, but many more things added onto my plate - this equals wanting to spend all of my time outside daydreaming, but in reality needing a productive routine to stay on top of things. Anyone else feel this pull in opposite directions? I am struggling to get anything done right now, but I think I am coming closer to finding balance.

Some happenings this week: 

Lark started eating solid foods! I am giving her local free-range organic egg yolks diluted with a little bit of filtered water and she is loving it.

 I am constantly being challenged to learn and grow as a mother. Lately, my biggest lesson has been that I need to humble myself more when LM throws tantrums, and remember that what is upsetting her is valid in her mind (even when it shouldn't be). I have realized that I need to give her a greater amount of empathy to feel loved and understood in these moments (and of course these are the moments it is hardest to give!).

The decision has been made, I am going to grow out my bangs! Putting the scissors somewhere where I won't find them. I may need some moral support when they hit the awkward stage.

Surprise! I actually started going through my vintage patterns and will have some listed in the shop soon. If you have any requests for sizes or styles let me know, I have just been choosing ones at random. Also, would any of you like to join me in a sew-a-long? I haven't busted out my machine in awhile and I think it would be fun to show each other our progress!

And, lastly, as you can see above I was able to do a shop update this week... you can take a closer look here.

Have a great weekend friends!


  1. Oh-My-Gosh, those jumpers! I'm in love!

    - Sarah

  2. a sew along sounds like fun...count me in

  3. Wow. All of those dresses and jumpers and things are gorgeous. I need to head over to your shop! I am new at sewing all of that pretty hard to make?

    Anyway, I love your blog {I'm new} and I pinned you on Pinterest {although I'm sure you were already up there}!

    Finally, I'm growing out my bangs too. So we can support each other through the awkward stage! :]

  4. This update is stellar! All the pieces are gorgeous! Congrats on solid foods to Lark - growing fast as can be!

  5. We seriously have more eggs than we know what to do are welcome to them anytime! Seriously.

  6. Your LM is so adorbs how could you help but not be empathetic! I do understand though I am going through an"I am an imperfect Mommy " thang right now too!

  7. Uhh, I just saw your girls' room on Ohdeedoh! When I saw the post title I clicked through on my Reader thinking it was your blog, and then it was not! So anyway, cool!

  8. Count me in with a sew-a-long. Not like Avery needs any more clothes, but I just saw an adorable vintage jumper I think I NEED to try to replicate!