Wednesday, September 14, 2011

little vintage style v.22

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This week life has been busier than normal, thus my absence. I am playing mama of four as two of my nephews have been staying with us, and I am stating for the record that boys are so much more exhausting than girls! With that said, it's been really fun though and LM has loved having her cousins to play with all day long. We have to say goodbye to them tomorrow and I'm sure the house will seem really quiet and lonely without them. 

These pictures were taken on a recent trip to the park. I specifically needed to take pictures of the hat (more details to come on that later), but LM also wore a sweet handmade vintage top I found a long time ago. I've been waiting for her to grow into it and am so happy it finally fits now. Aren't those little animals the cutest? 

Lark also wore a vintage top this day borrowed from the shop. She has started trying to clap when she sees us do it, and it is so funny and cute. She misses her hands every time but it sure makes her happy to try!

LM wore: top - vintage thrifted, shorts - Target, shoes - vintage thrifted, hat - handmade
Lark wore: top -vintage thrifted, bottoms - hand-me-downs

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  1. I am DYING over that hat. DYING! I cannot wait to see more of it. I love love love the shirt too, just too whimsical and darling! I also love Lark's pretty blue shirt and the blanket is gorgeous too! I can't wait until my Eleanor is that age, it's the most fun :) Have a wonderful day!

  2. That hat is the BEST!! It caught my eye by far.

    It's funny that you think boys are exhausting, I have three. I find little girl more difficult , once the tears start...I am at a loss. I guess I handle energy better than emotion. ha ha

    You girls are super duper sweet.

  3. Everything about this post is precious! That hat, that animal print, and especially little Larkie trying to clap!

  4. Adorable! I can't wait to have little girls {and boys} to dress up in the most gorgeous vintage clothing! I'll need tips for finding it though!

  5. That hat is stunning! Your girls look darling.

  6. Amazing outfits as always!! I love the little animals on the dress so much!

  7. Oh My - that hat!
    I adore it. In fact I adore everything about this post. It is magical!

    As for the boy girl thing I have to say as a mumma of two boys and two girls I have always found boys to be more physically exhausting and girls to be emotionally exhausting.
    I am glad your girls have had a lovely time with their cousins.

  8. That hat! Sooo cute! Little Miss' hair is getting so long! And those colors are so perfect on her. She looks like she walked right out of a catalog with your photography and styling skills! Ah, and Lark is sitting up an clapping? Her clapping and missing slays me, it's too sweet! I can't wait until Aviva can sit up; it will be much easier to take pictures of her!

  9. cousin visits are our favourites too, love your wee girl's tops this week and especially that gorgeous hat and the wee white shoes are perfect with the outfit

  10. Love the girls' tops! I just love that hat too.