Sunday, December 20, 2009

thrifty gifts

I had planned to make the Little Miss quite a few simple handmade gifts for Christmas, but my schedule has been much fuller than I anticipated this month and I am not the type to stay up late, lose sleep, and stress myself out - I know she will love the few toys we bought her from the store.

So I felt especially lucky when I found some great handmade toys that creative mothers of Christmases past did have the time to make. My sanity is saved and I still get to gift some handmade goodies that are more fun and creative than what I would have made anyway - win-win! They just needed a little washing and mending to give them new life and now they are ready to be loved by another sweet little girl.

The mouse house is probably my favorite. I stalked the worker who was putting it out when I spotted it on her cart and grabbed it immediately before I even knew what was in it. To my delight it was an adorable mouse family complete with a bed and couch! There was some writing in marker on the roof so I covered it with the address Husband thought up - '1234 Hole in the Wall St.' They live in the financial district of Squeakville USA and I am sure they will have many adventures with us for years to come.

The Little Miss is actually the one who found Charlotte Piggybottom (more than once she has grabbed something off the shelf that we end up taking home with us - she has a good eye already)! Charlotte needed some of her stuffing put back in and after about 75 stitches she was good as new and healed up quite nicely.

And finally, this basket of vegetable softies has already proven to be a big hit. I haven't been able to wrap them up because the Little Miss carries the basket around on her arm all day putting them in and out, in and out - she has always loved her vegetables!


  1. those are all super cute.
    good for you for not going crazy with presents

  2. I had a house JUST like that growing up. Same couch shape, bed with headboard, everything the same with a different choice of fabrics. We just didn't have the mince! Wow thanks for the step back in time :)
    I totally wish I lived closer to thrift stores!

  3. very cute I am sure she will love them much more then plastic toys ha ha ha

  4. Can I ask at what fun stores do find such great buys at? I really on hit up DI sometimes, maybe I am not going at the right time, or maybe I am at the wrong store?? :) I love the veggies, I saw these at another blog and thought I might someday attempt making them. Yours are super cute and had no sewing required!