Monday, December 14, 2009

christmas traditions


I've been thinking a lot about family holiday traditions. Husband and I have decided on a few to start in our own little family which I am excited about! We are opening pj's and a new game to play on Christmas Eve, making aebleskivers on Christmas morning, and doing some kind of service during the holiday season. As far as the perfect Christmas dinner goes the jury is still out (Husband thinks ham but I'm not totally convinced).

I would love for you to share with me your family Christmas traditions! What does your family do to celebrate the holidays together?



  1. well we do the pajama thing, reading the Christmas story Christmas eve (along with dressing up for the nativity), and making cookies for Santa to leave out. The kids decorate the the cookies and LOVE it! We also get graham crackers to make ginger bread houses. We just get normal frosting from the tub and candy. As the kids get older I will graduate to making real ginger bread and sticky frosting. Lets see, we also watch "It's a wonderful Life" every Christmas eve. Oh and we usually have soup in a bread bowl and other yummy things for Christmas eve dinner :) Any way those are a few of our main ones.

  2. We do most of these things too, it's all very traditional! The one thing we also do is go pick out a new ornament for each person each year. So we have a fun tree with all sorts of ornaments and a story to go with each one. We find that Shopko has the best selection, but Kohl's also has great ornaments too (hallmark ones), they are just a bit pricier!