Sunday, September 20, 2009

weekend snapshot

This weekend was packed with family celebrations and a get-together with friends which made it a lot of fun, but also fly by way too quickly! This snapshot was taken in our friends big backyard - isn't the view so calming and peaceful? I love how the babies look like little farmers discussing their crop.

The next two weekends husband and I will be in New York City and Boston! Do you have any good tips on must see, must eat, must shop places?


  1. when i was in boston i walked the red brick road. it's a city hike that takes you to all sorts or cool, historic places. and it's easy to follow... the path is actually painted with a red stripe.

  2. The Atlantic Chip Shop in Brooklyn. Best English Chips EVER. AND the deep fry any candy bar you want for dessert. Not healthy but you're on vacation! :)

  3. Gosh...I's sure love to live wherever they live...beautiful!