Friday, August 14, 2009

mid-year resolution

Last year for Christmas my mother-in-law gave me a nice calendar in which she had marked all of the important dates for our family with stickers. I was really grateful because, unfortunately, as many of my friends and family know I am horrible at remembering birthdays. Like how earlier this week I forgot to call my oldest sister. You see. I just don't keep track of the date like I should.

So, I think I should keep up the marked calendar tradition and hang it up where I am certain to see it every day. And I really like this fabric calendar from September House where you can embroider fun little designs around the important dates. Maybe if I sat down and did that the dates would finally stick in my mind!

I am making a mid-year resolution to be better!

(via oh so beautiful paper)


  1. this is a way cute idea. I have my calendar in my laundry room and always forget to look at it. Hey this is the first time I have seen your blue wall with frames (in your other post), and it was so cute! Cool idea.

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