Monday, August 3, 2009


These are the invites I came up with for the little miss (and there is her name in case you've ever wondered, although I think I've mentioned it before).

I needed slightly odd sized envelopes so I decided to make my own out of double-sided scrapbook paper. This also added some much needed color since the invites printed out in more muted tones than I intended. Why don't printers just print the same color you see on the screen? Then I sealed them by sewing around the edges. This threw many people off as I got texts saying, "How do I open it?" Ha ha...

I drew the kitten behind the one. It was inspired by an old children's book I came across the other day. Can you guess what she will be getting for her birthday?!


  1. ha ha ha I was one of those nerds who couldn't figure out how to open it. The thing is, I thought the scrap paper was the invite, and that it would open up to ready, so I didn't' want to rip it...I didn't realize there was an invite inside...yeah I am a dork.

  2. I love these...especially the colors!

  3. I loved the card & invite - and don't worry, I just tore right into it! :) That's awesome you drew the cat. I've wanted a kitten for forever, but Dave refuses. Will you adopt me and buy me a kitten for my birthday?!

  4. I love the invitation! OH, these invitations make me want to host a party. They're adorable. I love the cat most of all.