Wednesday, August 12, 2009

birthday party!

This past Saturday we celebrated the little miss' first birthday with friends and family! It was wonderful to see so many loved ones - thanks to everyone who came!

I decided to try and use supplies and items I already had to decorate. For the banner I printed out big letters onto scrapbook paper I've had for awhile now. I just cut out the letters and taped the silhouettes to the wall. The font I used was Big Top, unfortunately, it was not the most efficient use of ink. If I were ever to do this again I would search for a font that the letters are outlined. I like the use of negative space.

For the garland I used most of the scrap fabric I had lying around. It was so nice to use it up and I'm really happy with the outcome. I'll probably hang some of it in the nursery now that the party is over.

We had sandwiches and salad (I loved the salad and will give you the recipe soon), and two kinds of cupcakes - vanilla and coconut! The coconut ones were my favorite, if you are a coconut fan you should really try making these.

And, as I hinted at earlier when I showed you the invitations, we got the little miss a kitten! She is so sweet and had the time of her life attacking the garland when we put it up. We named her Petunia and she is a great addition to the family!


  1. I love the banner and garland. They look great together.

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