Tuesday, December 9, 2014

47/52 + 24 weeks

1 - LM's newest thing is to practice longboarding on the driveway (which she can still do because this winter weather is crazy mild. Where is all the snow?!). It's fun to watch her grow in her abilities and confidence the older she gets. It seems just like yesterday she was a toddler and I would sit her on this board and push her back and forth across our old driveway. 

2 - I wish I could bottle Lark up right at this moment. She is my independent, hilarious child who can do so many things for herself and makes me laugh all day long, but she is also still my baby girl who will wrap up in her "purple blankie," ask me to sing her a song and fall asleep in my arms. The best of both worlds.

3 - Tommy has entered the next stage of baby hood and now sits up and eats solid foods. He is the happiest little dude. I am enjoying this active, but non-mobile stage while it lasts because I know the next stage is going to be busy!