Tuesday, December 9, 2014

43/52 + 21 weeks

1 - I set up a homework station for LM at a table downstairs so that is where you will find us every week day afternoon. I am really proud of how well she is doing and the work ethic she is building - most of the time. ;) Of course she is a six year-old who likes to play and doesn't always stay on task, so some days are more challenging than others to get everything done. She is really improving in her Spanish reading and writing though, which makes me happy if only because it means her homework doesn't take as long, ha!

2 - Every day the weather allows us Lark, Tommy, and I walk to get LM from school then we head over to the neighborhood park. We sit on our favorite bench and the girls finish off any leftover lunch items in the bento box while relating any important tidbits of their day to each other before running off to play. Tommy usually falls asleep at some point and I get to sit and think with the breeze on my face in between sessions of pushing Lark on the swings. When we decide it's time to go home the girls collect their inevitably tossed shoes and glide ahead of me on their scooters, always stopping to get a drink from the water fountain. Tommy might wake up and start blowing raspberries at me from his seat. We count down the number of blocks left to go, and if the crossing guard is still on duty at the crosswalk we feel lucky to be paraded across the street without having to wait for an opening in the traffic. It's a simple routine that I have come to cherish, and one I know I will look back on with fondness.

3 - Tommy is officially a full blown thumb sucker. I waved the white flag of pacifier defeat, took a deep breath, and accepted it. It is most definitely not the end of the world. You win some, you lose some. 

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