Sunday, October 26, 2014

41/52 + 19 weeks

1 -  LM got in a cat fight last week. Okay, maybe not. But a cat was thrown at her face and she got a gnarly looking scratch that barely missed her eye and goes all the way down her cheek on one side. Luckily it wasn't too deep so she won't have a lasting scar. I was not very happy when it happened and the mama bear in me came out since it was not an accident, but sometimes crazy things happen when a bunch of kids are playing together and I had to dig down in my heart for some forgiveness. It helped that she forgave the child soon after and was a good example to me. I am constantly learning to be a better person from my children.

2 - This is the week we will start working on saying goodbye to Lark's thumb sucking. We have a plan all worked out with daily incentives that I am crossing my fingers will work since it is a lot cheaper than my plan B. I was just going to splurge on the thumb guard, but I decided I may as well see if I can go a less expensive route first. I have been talking to her about stopping for a while now to get her used to the idea. I can tell she is starting to come around so she won't feel like we are forcing her to quit against her will, but I'm sure it is not going to be all sunshine and roses. I have no wish to make this a bad experience for her though. My hope is that I can help her feel empowered and ready to make the choice to stop herself as the days go on. I'm sure it is going to take a lot of patience and love. Wish us luck!  

3 - And as I try to wean one child off of the thumb, another has started finding and sucking on his, haaaaa. Funny joke, life. I know it is not the end of the world, but I had really hoped he would take a paci. He sort of does both at this point so I haven't completely given up. I know everyone has differing opinions on this, but I've experienced a child who took a paci (LM) and a thumb sucker (Lark) and I would just rather play out the paci scenario again with Tommy. I shouldn't complain though because at this point he mostly just does it at night which is helping him sleep from 7 pm-7 am which is actually pretty great.

p.s. The winners of the Luvsome giveaway have been notified by email. Thanks to all of those who entered!

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  1. Remember you got scratched from a cat a across your face when you were about her age. Only you got yours from pulling Jerry out from under the bed by his tail...