Wednesday, October 8, 2014

38/52 + 16 weeks

(I meant to post this last week)

Sometimes the only pictures I take all week are snapped within five minutes of each other like these. There is less variety but I am still capturing a moment that is worth remembering to me. Honestly, I am quite proud of how I am doing with this challenge, even though I've missed some weeks along the way, and I am so glad it has motivated me to get my camera out (and not just my phone) even if it was only for a few minutes one day. Life with three young kids is busy!

1- The girls like to let Tommy pull their hair since he has recently discovered his hands and is starting to grab at things. It is cute and funny to them now, but I'm sure as the months go on when he gets a fistful of hair it will become less so, ha.

2 - I read somewhere that redheads have a higher pain tolerance and it seems to be true when it comes to Larkie. While the rest of us have a point where we yell out and stop Tommy from pulling our hair out, she just sits there and giggles the whole time no matter how hard he pulls.

3 - Tommy started rolling all the way over the day he turned 4 months old. As you can see he is quite happy about this new trick. Or, maybe he just finds it amusing that we are all willingly letting him yank on our hair for kicks. :)

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