Friday, September 19, 2014

37/52 + 15 weeks

1 - LM has done a stand up job of switching back into school mode. We both have mornings where we would rather sleep in and afternoons where neither one of us is thrilled to sit down and do homework, but I can feel the lazy days of summer starting to shake off and structure beginning to take form. She is in a school where she is taught in Spanish half of the day and English the other half and I kid you not the very first day of school she came home rolling her r's like a buttery purring lion. Sometimes I ask her to say words just so I can hearrrrr it. Honorable mention: she got 100% on her first spelling test today!

2 - Lark is seriously a hoot, unlike this picture where she looks rather serious (but cute) as she searches for ripe tomatoes in the garden (which she does everyday). This week we were driving in the car and she asked me, "Mom, why do we call it bear feet when it's not covered?" I was confused for a second until I realized she meant why do we call it bare feet when we don't wear shoes, so we talked about the difference between the two and then she was quiet for a moment.

"Hey, mom?"
"Why doesn't a bear where shoes?"
"I don't know, why?"
"Because it has bare feet!"


3 - Tommy is allllmost rolling over to his right side.