Thursday, November 4, 2010

boy or girl?

It is probably obvious that I would have a stash of vintage baby clothes put away for 'someday.' And the weeks before our ultrasound appointment I would go through my 'boy' and 'girl' piles (a glimpse below) and wonder which ones I would get to use next. Sneakers or Mary Janes? Dresses or T-shirts?

And now I don't have to wonder anymore because we know who is coming! So, in the tradition of our baby announcement, scroll down and the Little Miss will tell you...

And we couldn't be more excited and happy to have her join our family next March!

So the boy clothes are being put away for 'someday' again and the girl clothes are being washed and neatly folded, getting ready for use (although I'm sure she will rock those sneakers anyway). We can't wait to meet her.

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  1. ooh so fun! congratulations stace! (and shawn, give him a hug for me!)