Monday, January 18, 2010

applique mini-challenge: day one

I've decided to give myself a little mini-challenge this week. I've had a bag full of cute plain vintage dresses sitting in my work room for months waiting for me to give them a make-over. I add to the bag every once in a while and imagine what fun appliques I could add to them for baby shower or birthday gifts, but the problem is I've never touched them. So, this week I will do something about it and make-over one dress a day and show you the results!

Here is dress number one - Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head.

I will have to put new elastic on the sleeves before I give this one away, but for now I am just focusing on getting the appliques done. This was my first time using a split-stitch and it was really easy and surprisingly therapeutic once I got going. I just hope by the end of the week my fingers toughen up!

Just imagine if it really rained striped, checkered, and colorful raindrops! See you tomorrow for dress number two...


  1. Cute!
    I found a vintage romper at goodwill the other day and almost got it to send to you. It would have qualified for a make-over though, it was plain blue. But very cute. I wonder if it is still there...

  2. Super super cute! I just love the fabric you added too, fun fun!

  3. Too Too precious!
    Love the umbrella and raindrops :)

  4. Adorable. I had the same idea for a bag of vintage dresses that are sitting be my sewing machine waiting new elastic.